ACT Videos

by Russ Harris

The Choice Point

This tool provides a way to quickly identify the source of your biggest problems and plan how to deal with them effectively. 

A map to take your life in a meaningful direction.

Evolution of the Mind

The human mind has evolved in such a way that it naturally creates psychological suffering. How we think and feel is completely normal.

Sushi Train for Mind Wandering

Unhooking from difficult or unhelpful thoughts.

The 3 Happiness Myths

This Animation illustrates the 3 happiness myths that we have been lead to believe, involving our thoughts and feelings.

Value-Focused vs Goal-Focused

An important distinction between living a goals-focused vs a values-focused life and why living in accordance with your innermost values can lead to a more rich, full, and meaningful life.

Internal Struggles

The internal struggles we have with our thoughts and feelings, and how to step out of them.

The Struggle Switch

Letting go of the struggle with our emotions.

The Polygraph

This metaphor illustrates how struggling with painful emotions often amplifies them

The Limbic Brain and Trauma

How our brain reacts to trauma.

The Freeze Response of Trauma

How and why the body can Freeze during traumatic experiences.